Patient Log-in

24/7 Patient Portal

Our online patient portal provides a secure, convenient way to manage your personal health care and receive communication directly from your doctor. Use it at any time of day or night to:

  • View your health information
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Receive appointment notifications
  • See lab results
  • Communicate directly with your doctor
  • Get reminders for preventative and follow-up care
  • Review and update your personal health history and demographic information
  • Review your personal medical records including office visits, physician notes, conditions and medications

You can sign up for a patient portal account during your next office visit. All you’ll need is a personal email or Facebook account to use for logging in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for FollowMyHealth@ColumbiaNephrology?

You must sign up during an office visit. If you choose to join, you will be asked to take a demographic survey and provide an email address. Then, within 5 business days, you will receive an invitation via email to activate your online account. The email invitation will include a link to the online health record. You will be required to enter an invitation code, which is the last four digits of your social security number.

What do I need to log in?

In order to use FollowMyHealth@ColumbiaNephrology, you must have either a Facebook, Yahoo, Google or Hotmail email account. These accounts are free of charge and are necessary to log in safely and securely.

When I receive an email to sign-up for FollowMyHealth@ColumbiaNephrology how long will the link in the email be valid?

The link is valid for 60 days, but you should activate the account as soon as possible to start receiving information.

Is there a timeout setting?

Yes, users will be automatically logged out of FollowMyHealth@ColumbiaNephrology after 10 minutes of inactivity.

What if I have concerns or questions about the content of my record?

Call Columbia Nephrology at 803-252-9907 and ask for the Portal Secretary. They will work with your doctor to clarify the information.

Can I un-enroll from FollowMyHealth@ColumbiaNephrology?

Yes, your account can be disabled from receiving further medical data but the historical data will remain. This can be done within the "Connections Tab" by removing Columbia Nephrology.

How long does it take to get information in the portal?

You will be able to view medical records within one week of initial signup. Please allow the following intervals for interactions with your health care providers:

  • View test results: immediately after the provider has verified the results
  • View notes from office visit: within one day of the visit